LLC "SAVETOOL" develops and manufactures unique pyrotechnic rescue tools since 1994.
Our own production base is located in St. Petersburg.
All key products are patented.
Such emergency rescue tool as pyrotechnic cutter was designed according to design specification from the Centre of Technical Policy of Moscow Department of Governmental Interior Management.
The first production batch of pyrotechnic cutters was delivered to regional special forces unit of Moscow Department of Governmental Interior Management, to subdivision of Moscow Department of State Traffic Safety Inspectorate and to the Moscow Fire-fighting Department for experimental operation. Upon experimental operation positive feedback was received.
Pyrotechnic cutter was exhibited at the following international exhibitions:
"Salon international des inventions Geneve" – bronze medal
"Brussels Eureka" – gold medal

Pyrotechnical cutter were exported to USA and Austalia
Complete modernization of the product was carried out, all reported technical shortcomings were eliminated.
New product modifications were developed (combi-tool with interchangeable nozzles, multi-charge and underwater modification).
SaveTool LLC was registered for product production and distribution.
Pyrotechnical cutter received gold Medal "Assurance of Quality and Safety" at the International Exhibition "Interpolitex" in Moscow.